Stephanie Albertson Jewelry (SAJ) is a leading independent boutique jewelry brand in the United States. For more than fifteen years, Stephanie has been producing exquisite jewels that are sold in fine jewelry stores and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Bahamas. 

Inspired design, impeccable craftsmanship and an uncompromising standard of selecting the finest natural materials are the guiding principles behind Stephanie’s singular vision for her brand.  Stephanie works with each retail partner to curate a story that is unique to their store environment and clientele. Stephanie’s hands-on approach is the thread that connects designer, product and client. In addition to her jewelry collection, Stephanie also paints, and designs and produces JEWELS FOR HOME™, a line of limited edition textiles, soft goods and decorative functional objects.

Stephanie's jewelry is designed and hand fabricated in her studios in New York and Florida. The paintings and textile designs are created in the studio and all textiles are printed in the US. All of the textile finishing work is completed in New York by independent artisans.

Making a healthy impact on the environment is critically important and thoughtful consideration has been given to Stephanie's studio production processes, which are achieved employing the safest, cleanest methods available using carefully sourced materials.