Handcrafted jewels are delicate and will have a long, happy life if treated with tender, loving care.

Here are a few tips for maintaining your new jewels. 


•  Avoid dropping your jewels. When putting on or taking off, hold jewels over a soft surface so that in the event of an accidental drop, their landing is cushioned.

•  Do not bang or hit against hard objects. Be careful with rings when opening/closing drawers. Even a diamond can scratch or chip if not properly cared for. 

•  Remove jewels before sleep, and store in the provided boxes and pouches, which are also perfect for travel.

•  To maintain the beauty of the gold and the stones, it is recommended that they not be exposed to commercial jewelry cleaners, solutions, steamers, perfumes, soaps or hand lotions.

•  Do not shower, wash hands or swim in bezel-set pieces, as water can seep into the settings.

•  Emeralds, opals, turquoise & pearls are porous and are more susceptible to scratching, or surface damage from exposure to chemicals. 

•  Slide rings on and off the finger by holding the band, avoiding pressure or stress on the stone setting.

•  Gently wiping stones with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth will clean them without harm.

•  Natural variations in the texture of the gold are characteristic of Stephanie's handcrafted pieces and should not be considered flaws.

If an issue arises and your jewelry needs a tune-up, please contact us for professional cleaning or maintenance. 

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