Making a splash in Minneapolis

Newsflash! My textiles made their retail debut this week at Max's in Minneapolis. I love how they merchandised them against the wall with the little touch of glass above. Max's has been a loyal retailer of my jewelry collection for many years -- it's the Twin Cities' destination for the most beautiful fine jewels, interesting finds for the home, and some of the most delicious chocolates you'll ever taste. Definitely a must-see-visit-shop if you are traveling to Minneapolis!

Textile News

What's new

Since launching my textile collection in May, I have been getting great feedback. I'm already thinking of spring and have a few new patterns and a softer palette of corals and some neutrals, which are a bit of a departure from my usual crude, bold color. The patterns all come from original paintings I have been doing and the repeats take on a life of their own. This process is very much one of "coming full circle," in that the jewelry inspired the textiles, and now I can see new jewelry designs jumping out of the patterns and repeats.  

Some New Work for Summer

Colors of the Sea

This time of year, it's all about beach-worthy jewelry. I've always got something on my bench in watery blues and greens. Here is a selection in opals, paraiba tourmaline, emerald, aqua, tanzanite, kyanite and more opals. All of these stones really speak well for themselves. I am in awe of the materials.

From the Studio...

Studio Snapshots

The making of fine jewelry is serious business, so from time to time it's fun to throw in a little kitsch. I'm not a fan of all the trend driven personalized jewelry flooding my Instagram feed these days. The irony is that most of it lacks individualism -- and isn't that what personalization is all about? What I do love is taking something that has that "you had to be there" quality -- something that has a singular message for the person wearing it -- and making it into a timeless conversation piece. Here are a few of my latest favorites...

Jewels For Home

What's new...

I have been working on a new collection of textiles and decorative objects for about a year and it's finally ready to make its debut. Jewels For Home is a mix of hand made fabrics, wall coverings, soft goods & decorative objects, inspired mostly by paintings I have done throughout the years, with a nod to my jewelry designs, as well. Here are a few pics from the collection.